Have Mold At The Seams Of Your Roof And Where The Roof Meets The Siding? What To Do Today

25 May 2023
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If you start to notice mold on the siding on the exterior of the home, and where the roof and exterior walls meet, this indicates there are water problems. Water problems throughout the roof are a huge risk to your home and your personal health.

Have a roofing contractor come to your house so they can give a full inspection and look at everything from the outside of the roof to the interior of the attic. Here are the services to ask about.

Shingle Damages

If any of the shingles have any of these flaws or concerns, you'll want to consider replacement:

  • Breakage
  • Granule loss
  • Bubbling
  • Warping
  • Discoloration
  • Mold

These different types of damage could be allowing water to seep into the base of the roof, and to run behind other shingles. The shingle damages need to be assessed to see if you need patch repairs or full replacement.

Flashing Fixes

Damages to the flashing allow water to run through the seams in the house, and this can lead to leaks, ice dams, and other problems. Have the flashing replaced and ask what type of metal will be used for the upgrades. The flashing protects the chimney and all seams, so it's important that it functions properly.

Base Repairs

Under the shingles is the base of the roof. If the wood is warped, rotted, or soft and has damage because of the water exposure, this may need to be replaced when the shingles are removed. The roofing contractor should give you a price for a full replacement if needed, and for patchwork, because they may not know how bad the damage is until the shingles are removed.

Gutter Damages

If you can see that the gutters are rusting and corroding, and detached in some areas, you want a quote to replace these also. If the gutters aren't functioning and water is leaking through to the siding of the home, mold, and water staining will occur.

A roofing contractor can give a quote to repair all of these things. In the quote, you should see information about the company's license and insurance, along with the manager in charge of your job. You should also see a breakdown of costs for wages and materials, along with an approximate timeline.

Don't ignore mold on the home at the seams where the roof meets the house. This means you have serious water problems, and you don't want mold to start spreading inside the home.

To have your roof inspected, contact a local roofing service such as Elite Exteriors.