Telltale Signs It's Time To Call A Chimney Sweep

5 April 2023
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If you love having a fireplace, you will take great pains to ensure it is working properly and safely. You may have created a professional cleaning schedule but aren't sure if there are any signs that mean it's time to immediately have your chimney cleaned. Here are a few clear signs it is time to call a chimney sweep to have your chimney professionally cleaned.

Signs of Water Damage Around Your Fireplace

If you notice water damage anywhere on your fireplace and inside your chimney, contact a chimney sweep right away. There might be an issue with the flue or damper, and water could be leaking into the chimney. Whatever the case, although it is normal for some water to leak into the chimney, if there is a puddle on the bottom of the fireplace or there is water gushing into your home through the fireplace, it is a potential sign of a serious problem.

You Are Starting to Notice Strange Odors

When a fireplace and chimney are working properly, the majority of the smoke should be pushed upward and out the top of the chimney. If you are starting to notice a strange odor that is lingering in the home for several hours after the fire has gone out, call your chimney sweep right away.

A natural product of burning a fire called creosote can build up in your chimney. Periodically cleaning your chimney will help remove this buildup before it becomes a serious problem. When there is an excessive amount of creosote, the chimney cannot divert smoke upwards and outside of your home.

Additionally, if you allow creosote to build up too much, it can set off a fire inside the chimney, which can spread to the inside of your home.

You Suspect There is An Animal Living Inside Your Chimney

Finally, the only noise you should hear coming out of your fireplace is the sound of a crackling fire. If you are starting to notice other strange noises, including scratching or squeaking, you might have an animal living inside the chimney. It is not uncommon for several varieties of pests, from squirrels and chipmunks to birds and even bats, to seek refuge inside your warm, inviting chimney.

If you believe there is an animal living inside your chimney, contact an animal control agent. Once the animal is removed, call your chimney sweep to eliminate any nests or other debris the nuisance pests brought into your chimney.

From strange noises to bizarre odors, there are several telltale signs it is time to contact your chimney sweep to have your chimney professionally cleaned. 

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