Learn About Some Sprinkler System Issues

7 December 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Your sprinkler system plays an important role in the care of your lawn. It will ensure that your lawn is getting regularly watered, whether you are home or not. The thing you are required to do when it comes to your sprinklers is to make sure they are working correctly and that you have repairs taken care of right away. In this blog post, you will learn about possible problems that can happen with your sprinklers and what can happen if you don't act on those repair issues right away. 

A sprinkler head can get stuck in the up position

You can have a sprinkler head that gets stuck, so it doesn't go down when the rest of them do. In some cases, the issue is debris, and this isn't a big deal because you can remove the dirt and fix it. However, other times the sprinkler head can be stuck due to damage. There can be warping, cracking, or other damage to the seal or riser that needs to be repaired. The sooner you have the repairs done, the fewer chances of someone tripping and getting hurt, or the sprinkler head causing other issues.

There are problems with the water pressure

There can be issues with the water pressure in your sprinkler system. If the water pressure is too low, then this will cause the lawn to get too little water and the water won't come out consistently. This means that areas of your lawn will die. If there is too much water pressure, then this will cause the lawn to get too much water. When it gets too much water, it will create puddles, and this can damage the grass and cause a mosquito infestation. If you notice problems with the water pressure, be sure to have it checked out right away. 

There is a clog in the sprinkler system

You can have a sprinkler head that has a full or partial clog. When the sprinkler is on, you may notice one of the sprinklers only has water partially coming out or none at all. This indicates there is a clog. You can also get a clog in the sprinkler system line. This can cause some of the sprinklers not to work. If you notice any signs of clogs, then you should have the system looked at right away before some areas of your lawn start to die.

Talk to a sprinkler repair professional if you need help with your sprinkler system.