3 Ways To Get Rid Of The Mice Plaguing Your Home

29 June 2021
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If you have mice that are plaguing your home, it is time to bring in a professional mice control and extermination service to help you win the fight against your home.

#1: Get Rid of Entry Points

One of the first things that a mice control service will do is check inside and outside of your home for entry points. Mice can get through just about any size hole that they can find; they are able to squeeze their body through really tiny spaces. If a pencil can go through the crack, a mouse can find a way through it as well.

The mice control service will need to seal up every opening and cracks that they find inside and outside of your home. A quality service will use either steel wool or caulking to seal up cracks.

They will also add weather stripping around all doors and windows if your home is lacking weather stripping to ensure the threshold is sealed.

#2: Trap the Mice

Second, the mice control services will figure out where the mice are coming from, or at least where they are running around, and work to trap them. If you only have a few mice, some old-fashioned wooden snapping traps will do the job.

However, if you have an infestation, you will need more than that to catch the mice. With a significant infestation, a combination of traps should be used. The mice control company will more than likely use bait traps, live-capture traps, and glue traps. Mice are smart, and they will start to evade the traps, which is why it is necessary to use multiple types of traps.

They will also carefully place the traps near where there are signs that the mice move around those areas. Once they find a home, mice don't like to go far from it, so the proper placement of the mice traps is crucial.

#3: Cleaning Up

Finally, once the mice have been caught and trapped, some clean-up will need to happen. A proper mice extermination service will find the mice's nests and clean up that damage. That may require removing installation and drywall to clean up after the mice. As the mice carry diseases, you are not going to want to leave traces of them behind.

A quality mice control service will seal up all entry points to your home, use multiple traps to catch the mice, and clean up their mess as well, leaving you with a mice- and mess-free home.