Dining Tables For A Studio Apartment

18 December 2020
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A studio apartment may lack the space you were accustomed to having when you shared an apartment with a roommate. A small dining table set will provide plenty of room for meals for one or two and will double as a makeshift desk.

A Drop-Leaf Table

A drop-leaf table that contains a center piece that is stable and dual expansion pieces that are located along either side of the immobile surface will allow you to customize your table's size. When you are not dining, close each leaf and push the table alongside a wall and when you are ready to serve a meal, extended each leaf and move the table into the central part of the room. For a makeshift work area, extend one leaf and use it to store work materials.

Shop for a table that is constructed of wood and that possesses modern accent features that will correspond with the other items in your studio. If your studio is fairly crowded and you have a lot of decorations that possesses a 'busy' vibe, choose a drop-leaf table design that is simplistic, to prevent the furnishing from clashing with any of your possessions.

A Bar Set

A bar set that contains an elongated table that is meant for dining purposes will provide adequate space, but will not take up much room. Sitting at an elevated height may make it seem as if your studio apartment is more spacious than it really is since you will not have a lot of small items and furnishings within eye view.

Choose a light-colored vinyl or wood bar set or one that contains wrought iron accents. If plenty of legroom is desired and you do not want to sit on top of a standard stool, choose a bar that contains a casing that does not go down all the way to the floor and a couple of stools that contain backs. Stools that are well-cushioned and that contain a comfortable backing material will make mealtime relaxing.

When you decide to transform the bar into a makeshift work area, simply clean off the tabletop and move your laptop, notebooks, and other work gear onto the surface. Set up a small lamp alongside one end of the dining table to provide intimate lighting that can be enjoyed while you are eating or working on a project for your place of employment.

If you need additional help, contact a local dining table store.