Cool Gifts To Bring Back From Texas

14 September 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you are taking a trip to Texas, you just know friends and family members are going to expect you to bring gifts home. While the standard t-shirt, shot glass, or mug from a souvenir shop may be okay, you want to choose gifts that are more than okay. Here are some Texas-themed gifts that will make your recipients really, really excited.

Barbecue Sauce

There are few things that Texans love more than their barbecue. You should look around for some barbecue restaurants that sell and bottle their sauce. Pick out a few bottles, perhaps with copies of the restaurant's menu or their story printed on shiny paper. If the restaurant also sells barbecue rubs and other seasonings, you can pick some of these up too. The culinary fans in your life will really appreciate this gift.

A Big Western Hat

Western hats are everywhere in Texas, and they even seem to be bigger than the western hats worn elsewhere. You can buy a Western hat for someone who enjoys dressing in a country style or for someone who you think might wear it ironically. Some shops make ones that are embroidered with sayings like "everything is bigger in Texas," which can be fun.

A Map

This is a really good, affordable choice if you have a lot of people to buy for but a limited budget. Find a nice, detailed map of Texas and frame it. You can use a basic frame with some western embellishments, like boots or cattle. There are even frames that are shaped like the state of Texas. You can circle the places you visited and tell your recipient a little about them. They can hang the map on their wall as decor and think of you whenever they see it.

A Floor Mat

It may sound strange, but they sell some really great entryway mats in Texas. The Texans really need them to scrape their boots after they come in from working on the ranch. Look for one that has cattle, a saying about Texas, a barbecue grill, or other Texas-related imagery on it. This is a gift your recipient will get some real use out of.

The gifts above are some really fun things to bring home with you from Texas. Try to think about what your recipient enjoys doing and wearing, and that should guide you as to which gift is the best.

For more ideas, visit a company like Texas State Preservation Board.