Roof Drainage Update Recommendations To Improve Your Home's Protection

15 July 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Water in nature falls upon your home in drops that splatter and don't affect the condition of your roof. However, when water is allowed to drain off, seep into, and saturate areas of your roof underlayers that should be protected from moisture, it can do a great deal of damage. For this reason, your home's gutter system is an essential part to ensuring your home is kept up and protected from damage and mold problems. Here are some options to consider and help you when you choose to update your roof and its drainage system.

Arrange For Regular Care and Maintenance 

Your gutters get a lot of use, wear and tear from rain storms, snow melt, and ice build-up along with debris from overhanging and nearby trees. And for this reason it is a good idea for you to take care of the gutters by checking them regularly for damage and to clean them of debris. This keeps them clear so rainwater can flow into them and off the home.

You can spray out your gutters with a garden hose and a sprayer nozzle or a pressure washer, but be careful you don't damage them further. If there are any cracks or holes within the gutters seams and edges, you can repair and patch them to keep them from dropping water onto the soil below. Too much moisture in the soil can lead to moisture getting into your basement and your foundation, so it is good to keep your gutters maintained.

Look For Gutter Upgrades

Replace your gutters with a new gutter system that allows all rain runoff from your roof to efficiently flow to the ground and away from your home. There are many styles and gutter systems available to suit your home and its needs. For example, an upgrade to a seamless gutter system eliminates the connection points and seams in the gutters where damage commonly occurs. 

Another upgrade you can add to your gutters is with gutter guard protection from leaves and debris. You can look for a barrier shield made of steel or a screen of micro mesh that allows water to flow into the gutters and block the debris. You can find a DIY-installed gutter guard or one that is installed professionally to your gutters. And some gutters come with their own built-in gutter guards to protect your investment and keep your gutters flowing and draining properly. Contact a gutter company for more information.