Need To Update A Cramped Bathroom? 3 Ideas For Imitating A Larger Bathroom

11 September 2019
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you've been frustrated with how small your bathroom feels, it's likely a good idea to start looking into projects that can expand the size of your bathroom without major construction work in the form of knocking down walls.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the work involved and make your bathroom feels larger, you need to consider which projects can make an enormous difference in making your bathroom more accommodating for daily use, especially when this is your primary bathroom in the home.

Avoid Dark Colors

One of the easiest ways to make sure that your bathroom feels larger is simply avoiding any colors that are too dark. Many people make the mistake of painting the walls a darker color due to it feeling relaxing in other spaces of the home, but it can quickly make your bathroom feel more cramped than if you were to choose white or another neutral color that is lighter.

Painting the walls a light color as well as looking into accents that are lighter in color can also make your bathroom feel brighter and more open as a result.

Install New Cabinets

Having new cabinetry installed can make sure that you're much happier with the way your bathroom looks since it can take away a lot of clutter and items that are typically left out in the open. Everything from toilet paper to extra towels can be hidden away with the right cabinets, allowing you to make your bathroom feel compact and free of the clutter that can make a small bathroom feel small.

Checking out options for different bathroom cabinets and taking measurements can ensure that the cabinetry you choose fits in great and that you won't be struggling with your bathroom being overwhelmed with clutter.

Add Shower Storage

As you look for ways to improve the storage space in your bathroom to cut down on mess, it's smart to see the impact that more shower storage can add. In many cases, you'll be able to have shelving installed in the showers, allowing you to stack shampoo and other items inside without it taking up a ton of room on the edge of the bathtub or on the floor since these items that can make your bathroom feel messy.

Making your bathroom feel larger is simply a matter of choosing the right remodeling projects for expanding its size. With the above projects, you'll feel good about updating your bathroom so that it doesn't feel so cramped.