Is Your Elderly Dad Having His Bathroom Remodeled for Accessibility? 3 Tips to Help Him Prepare for the Process

29 January 2019
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Seniors today have many options for outfitting their bathroom with features that make it more accessible. From walk-in showers to non-skid floors, your dad deserves to take advantage of the latest options for helping him safely use the bathroom in his house. Now that he's made the plans for his remodel, you can use these three tips to help him prepare for the process so that it has minimal impacts on his daily routine.

Create Clear Indoor and Outdoor Walking Paths

Bathroom remodeling contractors take great care to minimize the amount of dirt and dust that they track to other parts of the home. However, they will need to make multiple trips from the main entrance of the house to the bathroom. Find out before they arrive if you need to put down drop cloths to help catch dirt from their shoes and establish a designated area outside for them to park their truck. You may also need to identify a separate entrance for your dad to use if he plans to leave the house. This will help him avoid potential fall hazards, such as slippery dust on the floor.

Help Him Clear Out the Accessories

The remodeling team needs to have the bathroom clear of personal items that can interfere with the removal or replacement of specific features. While your dad may be perfectly capable of moving his shampoo out of the shower, he may need assistance with other preparation tasks such as removing handrails on the walls if he plans to have the area retiled. Keep in mind that your dad may also need to remove items from areas that are not being worked on if he anticipates needing them once work starts, such as medicine from the cabinets. 

Plan a Temporary Restroom Area

Many seniors use a specific bathroom all the time, even if they have multiple ones. If your dad has two bathrooms in his house, then set up the secondary one by making it as accessible as possible. For instance, your dad may need a temporary handrail installed to help him get in and out of the shower. If your dad only has one bathroom, then make alternative plans. For instance, a portable toilet can be set up to give your dad a private space in his home, and he may need to visit your house or that of another loved one to bathe.

While it may be a temporary inconvenience, remodeling a bathroom is one of the best ways to enhance your dad's quality of life. Being able to shower and use the restroom independently helps your dad retain his sense of self-purpose and avoid injuries as he progresses through his senior years.