Are You Redecorating Your Little Boy's Rom?

13 December 2018
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Did your little son outgrown his toddler room? If so, you might be feeling a bit nostalgic as you remember earlier days when he left his baby furniture behind and moved up to a bedroom meant for a toddler. Now he has taken an even bigger step, right? From selecting the window treatment for your little boy's room to adding other bedroom decor, here are some ideas that might help you to design a bedroom fit for a big boy. 

The Window Treatment

A good place to start the redecorating process of your little son's bedroom is to select the window treatment you want. One idea is to select wooden plantation blinds or mini-blinds. Both are very affordable and so easy to install that you might be able to do the job yourself. In addition, both mini-blinds and plantation blinds would be suitable for any type of decor that you select, which also means they'll be great when your little boy gets to be older and you want to decorate once more.

Another idea is to go with a theme. For example, if you are going with a western theme, consider having denim curtains from a company like the one represented at If you want to add extra interest to the windows, combine two colors of denim, say red and blue. Then use something clever for the tie backs. For example, for a. western theme, use rope for the tie backs and tie them in a square not. Another idea is to select  window fabric in his favorite colors. For example, if your little boy loves blue and red, think of using one of those colors for the main part of the curtain design and then use the second color for the curtain tie backs. 

Additional Decor

Think of selecting decor for your little boy's room that fits his interests. For example, if he loves dinosaurs, frame dinosaur pictures or posters for the walls. If he loves sports, go with framed photographs of famous athletes. If you don't want a theme, just go with decorating with different things your son enjoys. For example, if he has a favorite cartoon hero, frame a picture of the hero. Think of putting lettering on your son's bedroom walls, too. For example, you could stencil words like Have Fun And Be Smart or A Great Boy Lives In This Room. For some real fun, let him decorate one of the walls himself. For example, give him paint and let him do his hand prints on part of the wall.