Choose Custom Blackout Blinds and Colorful Curtains for Your Baby's Nursery

5 November 2018
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Your newborn will be spending quite a bit of time in their nursery while napping, playing, and listening to stories that you read to them. Regulating your child's schedule is essential so that your child receives ample time for sleep and so that you can coincide your own schedule with your loved one's. Blackout blinds and custom window treatments can help you add light and darkness to the room as desired, which will assist with instilling a routine.

What Are Blackout Blinds?

Blackout blinds contain thick sections of vinyl, wood, or plastic that are a dark hue. The color of each slat will block sunlight and moonlight, which could wake up your child or prevent them from falling asleep.

Blackout blinds are also a great privacy aid. If your child's nursery is on the ground floor of your home and you live in a populated town, you won't need to worry about anyone being able to see inside of your baby's room when the blinds are closed. A blind supplier will allow you to order custom blinds that contain slats that are a specific length and width so that the window coverings have a custom appearance if you would like them to be different than typical blinds.

What About Additional Features?

Choose blinds that contain features that will grow with your child. Standard blinds usually have pull cords attached to them, which could appeal to your child. A cord could wrap around your child's neck, wrist, or leg and cause a serious injury. Cordless blinds can be raised by lifting the window coverings from the bottom rail.

If you want to forego manual blinds, then choose blinds that are motorized. Motorized blinds require a handheld remote control to open and close each covering. There are also blinds that are solar-powered. After the sun's rays penetrate the blinds sensor for several minutes, the blinds will raise on their own. Once the sun sets, the sensor's power will decrease, prompting the blinds to close.

How Will Curtains Fit In?

Just because you are adding dark-colored blinds to your baby's room does not mean that you cannot add lighthearted pictures or a design over each window covering. Choose some colorful curtains and secure them over each set of blinds. The curtains can be enjoyed when the blinds are open or closed, or you can choose specific times of the day in which the curtains will be drawn back or left in place over the blinds.