6 Suggestions To Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal Today

11 August 2018
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Want to enhance the appearance of your home today? Don't worry; you can make a significant difference and dramatic improvement with some simple, inexpensive strategies.

Six ways to improve your home's curb appeal now are.

1.       Replace your mailbox. It is quite amazing how a new mailbox can alter and accentuate the looks of your property. Skip the kitschy novelty-type mailboxes and opt for something sophisticated and sharp, like a classic keystone eagle style unit. These are easy to install, taking less than an hour or two in most cases.

2.       Move your trash can. Another way to make your home appear more-manicured and inviting is to move your trash cans. If you store your bins near the front of your home, find a new spot for them. Moving them away from the front of the home may be inconvenient on trash-day, but it will make a world of difference in your home's curb appeal.

3.       Use mulch. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, use mulch to cover the soil around trunks, trees, beds, and gardens. Mulch not only makes your topsoil and turf look better, but it is also good for your dirt and plants. Mulch conserves water and enriches the earth as it breaks down over time.

4.       Repair and restore paved spaces. Is your pavement up to par? Make sure to repair pavement, apply sealcoat, or switch to a high-quality aggregate, like white gravel or pebbles. Your driveway and entry path are the first things noticed when visitors come to your door; make it look well cared-for.

5.       Border beds and trees. Border your trees and beds with plastic or wood retaining pieces to create an appealing aesthetic that will complement your home. These can be purchased at home and garden stores and can be cut to fit your specific space and staked to stay in place. These also contain your mulch or aggregate, keeping it from scattering or spreading.

6.       Hire some help. Make a commitment to your property and hire a landscaping company to maintain and tend your exteriors. Talk to the contractor about other services provided, such as lighting solutions or seasonal planting, to maintain and enhance your curb appeal effortlessly.

Revamp and improve your home's exteriors with these simple suggestions, that are both effective and cost-efficient. Consider these small expenses to be an investment in the overall value of your property.

Ready to improve the looks of your home? Start with these strategies and begin by replacing your existing mailbox. Visit home improvement retailers to find what you need to give your home's façade a fresh face today!

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