Protecting Your Windows

17 May 2018
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When you live in certain areas, you will have different concerns for your windows that you should address to protect them from different things, many of which have to do with breaking. However, there are other things that can go wrong with your windows that may also need your attention. Learn about some of the extra concerns with regards to your windows you may have by reading this article.

You live near hurricane alley – If you live in an area where hurricane force winds are something that you need to be concerned about, then you really have to take extra steps to protect your windows from damage. In reality, it doesn't take all that much force from high winds to pick up something like a good-sized branch and toss it right through your window. 

Therefore, hurricane-force winds can do a whole lot of damage to your home and your windows are one of the weakest areas. It's a good idea to have storm shutters installed to protect your windows. However, if you are expecting some serious winds, then you may also want to board up the windows as well until the storm has passed.

You live near a park, golf course, or baseball field – If you live next to a park, a golf course, a baseball field, or a similar place where balls fly long distances through the air, then the windows in your home that are facing those areas are also going to be at a higher level of risk when it comes to them being broken by a ball that comes crashing through them. 

You can have what is referred to as an anti-golf ball screen put on any and all of the windows that you are concerned with. These screens are made of an extremely strong material that prevents the balls from being able to penetrate through them to damage the windows. However, they will still allow the sunlight to come into your home. You can choose screens of different colors, so you won't have to worry about them standing out and clashing with the color of your home.

You live where there is a lot of moisture – You may be wondering how living in an area with an excessive amount of moisture in the air can have anything to do with your windows. The answer is, if you aren't diligent about putting protective sealant on your wooden window frames, then they are susceptible to wood rot. 

Once the frames are rotting, they won't be offering your windows a secure anchor. This means there can be some movement in the windows that significantly increases the chances that they can break. If you have a window close to a door and the door happens to slam shut, this may even be enough to cause a window in these conditions to break. This is why it's important to make sure your frames are in good shape and properly sealed.

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