Tired Of Store-Bought Drapes That Clash With Your Decor And Never Quite Fit? Custom Drapes Are The Perfect Alternative

3 January 2018
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Drapes are an excellent way to bring a room together, blocking the glare of sunlight coming from the window while providing an attractive visual focal point for the room. Unfortunately, the selection of ready-made drapes is not necessarily stellar and it is likely difficult to find a rod and drapes that perfectly match your window. Custom draperies alleviate that problem by allowing you to cut fabric to the dimensions of your window while letting you choose the exact fabric, style, and color that best goes with your interior decor. Although custom draperies may be a bit more expensive than purchasing ready-made drapes, they provide numerous benefits.

Custom Draperies Are Tailored To Fit Your Window

One of the biggest problems with ready-made drapes that you purchase from a store is that it's difficult to find the size you need to perfectly fit your window; even though you may be able to find the correct rod length, you don't have much selection when it comes to the sizing of the drapes.

Oversized drapes for a small window will cause them to bunch up excessively when the drapes are drawn open, which has an unattractive appearance and tends to rapidly collect dust. You can avoid this by measuring your windows and having custom draperies cut perfectly to fit your existing window frames. This is particularly important with roman shades, which provide a clean modern aesthetic that provides privacy and blocks out the majority of sunlight. Since they sit in the window frame itself, the fabric needs to be cut to the exact dimensions of your window; this makes them a great choice for custom drapes.

Range Of Styles And Fabrics Allow You To Choose The Perfect Drapes

It can be difficult to find ready-made drapes that both fit perfectly and match your decor, especially if you wish to decorate your house in a modern style; many ready-made drapes are more suitable for country or Victorian decor. With the wide range of fabric styles, colors, and materials available, you are sure to find something that suits your home if you have it custom-made in a studio. You can even change your drapes according to the season. Lighter fabrics in pastel colors are perfect for warm summers, whereas patterned drapes made from a velvety fabric are more suitable for the winter season.

Valances And Tassels Create An Extraordinarily Unique Design

Combining a custom valance with custom draperies gives you even more selection for your home; you can either choose a valance with a pattern and color that matches your drapes or one that creates contrast to create more visual excitement in your space. Tassels can also be added to custom drapes to give them a more regal appearance suitable for European-style home decor. Other features, such as blackout backing, can be added to more delicate fabrics such as silk. This both increases their ability to block light from the sun and also prevents sunlight from damaging the fabric. This helps to keep your drapes looking brand-new for much longer.

With the amazing variety of colors, fabrics, and extra features available, custom drapes are a great asset for any interior designer. Not only can they be tailored perfectly to match your windows and fit your decor, but they are also often made out of better-quality fabric than ready-made drapes; this allows them to stand up to repeated cleaning and sun exposure without fading or fraying.