Tips For Maintaining Upholstered Furniture

23 October 2017
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Upholstery is a common feature for many different types of furniture. However, individuals will frequently neglect to adequately maintain their furniture with upholstery, and while it may be possible to replace worn out upholstery, this can be fairly expensive. Therefore, reviewing the basic steps for caring for upholstered furniture can be a worthwhile investment of your time and energy.

Keep A Repair Kit Available That Matches Your Upholstery

It is a reality that your upholstery is likely to encounter minor tears and rips over time. These problems will often start as little more than a few frayed threads, but the situation can quickly grow in severity. Keeping an upholstery repair kit readily available can allow you to quickly address these damages before they spread. However, if you have a repair kit with the wrong color thread, it may be difficult to keep these repairs discreet. When buying these repair kits, you should be sure to have one that can be used to repair any of the colors of upholstery that you have in your home.

Steam Clean Your Upholstery

While it is typically advised to avoid getting upholstery wet, steaming cleaning can be a very effective way of addressing the odors that can be absorbed by these fabrics. During the steam cleaning process, a sanitizing steam will be injected into the upholstery so that any odor-causing substances and bacteria are neutralized. The water from the steam will be rapidly dried to prevent the upholstery from being damaged by it.

Prevent Sun Damage From Occurring To The Upholstery

The sun can be another source of damage to upholstery that homeowners will overlook. While the damage from the sun will be very gradual, you will find that upholstery near windows may be more prone to bleaching due to the effects the ultraviolet light will have on the pigment in the upholstery. Positioning upholstered furniture items so that they stay out of direct sunlight may limit the possible arrangement of furniture for your room, but it can be worth it for extending the life of your upholstery.

Properly Store Your Upholstery

If you ever face the need to store the upholstered furniture, you will want to take great care to avoid placing the upholstery in conditions that can contribute to it degrading. As a minimum, this will require you to store the furniture in a climate controlled storage area as well as cover it to prevent dust from accumulating on it.

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