Things To Know About A Wastewater System

25 April 2017
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Are you concerned because your new rural house will need a septic system to handle all of the waste that flows through the plumbing system? There is really nothing to be concerned about, as a septic system is just as safe as a municipal system. The only real difference is that the waste from your home will flow into a tank rather than into a main sewer line. Septic systems are actually setup in a way to treat wastewater to the extent of it being safe to use. Below, you will gain more knowledge about septic systems to feel more secure about using one for your house.

What Happens to Waste in a Septic Tank?

A septic tank plays a major role in wastewater being treated. The reason why is because it holds the waste for a period of time to allow the solid particles to settle. The purpose is for the liquid waste to be left with as little solids as possible before being sent into a drain field. Before the liquid flows through the drain field, it will pass through a filter that can get rid of solid particles that did not settle in the tank.

Where Does Wastewater from the Drain field End Up?

After wastewater has been treated in a septic tank and flows into the drain field, it is basically set into the soil. Sending the treated water into the ground leaves it in a condition to be used again. The water might end up being using in your plumbing fixtures at some point.

Can Wastewater from a Septic System Affect a Well?

There is no need to worry about wastewater from a septic system affecting your well. Once the water has gone through the drain field, it is usually safe enough to consume again. It is likely that water that comes from the well is mixed with the wastewater from the drain field, but it should not have a bad effect on your health. You can purchase a treatment system for your house if you want more contaminants removed from the water.

Should a Septic Tank Be Pumped on a Regular Basis?

It is not likely that you will have to get your septic tank pumped on a regular basis, but it depends on the size of the tank. Septic tanks are able to hold large amounts of waste, so pumping is the type of maintenance that will only be necessary every now and then.

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