Three Tips For Caring For Aluminum Yard Art

17 April 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Yard ornaments can come in a variety of shapes, materials, and artistic styles. While these items can help to add charm to almost any property, they will be subjected to rather extreme weather conditions, and you will want to make sure that you are properly protecting and preserving these items to keeping them looking great for many years. Aluminum can be a common material for these items, but many homeowners fail to realize that this type of metal will require some basic care to keep it in good condition.

Clean The Aluminum

Over the months, your yard art will start to become increasingly dirty. This is unavoidable, and while it may not seem like a serious issue, it can lead to permanent discoloration of the item. The dirt that accumulates on the aluminum can serve as a home for molds, mildews and algae. The waste products that is produced by these growths can interact with the aluminum, which may result in it becoming permanently discolored. By simply washing these items with a gentle soap and sponge, you will be able to easily remove these substances so your yard art looks as bright and attractive as possible.

Remove Or Anchor The Items During Strong Storms

A common reason for aluminum being chosen for these items is that it is a lightweight metal, which will make it much easier to move and place in the yard. Unfortunately, this can present problems when strong storms or high winds are moving through your area. To prevent these items from becoming airborne and causing damage, you should attempt to bring them inside before these storms arrive. In instances where this will not always be possible, you can help to mitigate this risk by securely anchoring these items to the ground. This will require attaching a reinforced cable to the piece of yard art and securing it in place with a spike.

Seal Painted Aluminum

To provide a range of colors, it is common for aluminum yard art to be painted. Through years of exposure to the elements, this paint will start to degrade, which may severely compromise the appearance of your piece of art. Protecting this paint from moisture and sun damage can be done through the application of a protective all-weather paint sealant. These sealants can be purchased at most home improvement or landscaping supply stores, and it is fairly easy to apply. Typically, you will only need to thoroughly clean the item before spraying it with the sealant.

Whether you invest in aluminum animal yard art or other ornaments, these tips will help you care for them.