Green And Gorgeous: Why A Copper Roof Is Worth The Price Tag

12 April 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you are thinking of having a new roof placed on your home, copper may not be at the top of your list of materials to consider because it does cost significantly more than other roofing materials. However, while copper roofing is a bit pricey, it is well worth that price tag. Here are some advantages of copper roofing that may persuade you to increase your budget and spring for the best.

Your copper roof will outlive you.

Unless science makes major strides in anti-aging medications in the next few decades, your copper roof will be around longer than you are. Typically, copper roofs last about 100 years. The green patina that they develop as they age actually acts as a protective barrier between the metal and the elements. So no matter how much snow and rain fall down on your roof, it won't budge. When you choose a copper roof, you're basically choosing never to have to replace your roof again.

Copper is lightweight.

Many other extra durable roofing materials, like tile and slate, are very heavy. As a result, they may not be an option for an older home that's not as structurally sound. They may also put excess strain on your walls and foundation, leading to other issues. Copper, however, is a lightweight material -- it often weighs even less than roofing shingles. And it's every bit as durable as these other, heavier options.

Copper keeps your home cool.

Like all metals, copper is reflective. Even after it develops a green patina, it reflects a lot more light than a darker shingle roof or tile roof would. As a result, your home stays a lot cooler in the summer, and your energy bills stay a lot lower. This earns you back some of the money you spent on the more-expensive copper roof. Plus, it's good for the environment since most electricity is still obtained by burning fossil fuels.

It's fire-resistant.

Like all metals, copper is highly fire resistant. Your home will be at a much lower risk of going up in flames if lightning strikes a nearby tree or a forest fire blows through the area.

Copper roofing may be a bit on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for. You won't have to replace your roof again, and maintenance is no worry. To learn more about this enticing roofing material, get in touch with a professional roofer in your area.