3 DIY Fencing Projects That Will Make Your Fence Better With Functional Features

15 September 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


A fence can be a great addition to your home, providing you with privacy and security. It may be able to keep the animals you have in the yard. It can also be a good way to add functional features to your landscaping, such as outdoor living space, vertical gardening, bench seating, and other features. If you are having a new fence installed, here are some DIY projects that you may want to try to give your fence functional features:

1. Creating Vertical Gardens For Added Privacy And More Green Space

If you want to have a garden area for your home, a vertical garden added to your fence can be a great project. Not only will this give your home more green space, but it can also add to the privacy of your fence. This can be done with wood containers that you build and attach to the fence. You may want to invest in pre-made structures or hanging containers that you just have to hang on the fence to get ready to start planting.

2. Building An Outdoor Kitchen And Living Space Using The Fence Line

An outdoor kitchen is another feature that can be a great addition to your backyard. With a fence, you already have a great starting point. You can use the fence line of your fence near a back sitting area to start building an outdoor kitchen and grill. You may want to add features like a food preparing surface, storage, and a wine cooler to this project.

3. Adding Benches And Landscaping Structures To The Fence For Practical Use

Benches and landscaping structures can be another great feature to add to a fence. These are features that are not only practical, but they can also help make your fence stronger. If you have a wood fence, you can use the existing wood posts to build off of for features like benches. If you plan on building something like an arbor at the fence line, you may want to talk with the fencing contractor about installing longer posts for these projects. This will help integrate the fence and the structures you plan on building.

These are some DIY projects that you may want to do to give a fence functional features. If you do not have a fence yet, contact a fencing contactor, such as those found at Harco Exteriors  LLC, and talk with them about helping you with the installation of your new fence, so you can get started with some of these DIY projects.