Reasons To Call The Electrician

5 August 2022
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There are numbers you want to keep stored on your phone and in plain view in your home. A few examples of these numbers include the plumber, the roofer, and the electrician. By keeping the phone numbers easy to find, you can get to them right away if something happens around your home that requires immediate assistance. It also makes it convenient if you want to have work done around your home that involves one or more of these services to help with the project. Read More 

Faucet Facts: What’s The Big Deal About Wide-Spread Bathroom Sink Faucets

13 July 2022
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If you have been strolling through the bathroom section of your local home improvement store lately, you have likely noticed a variety of wide-spread bathroom faucets. You may even wonder what the big deal is about wide-spread faucets and if they are any different than standard bathroom faucets. Learning a little bit about wide- spread faucets will help you see how they can be a good fit for your home.  Read More 

Time To Work On Your Home? 4 Home Improvement Projects To Tackle

6 May 2022
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Now that the winter storms have finally passed through, it's time to start thinking about some home improvement projects. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to get those projects out of the way. If you're like most homeowners, you have the same projects on your list every year. Some of those projects include refreshing the insulation, sealing the driveway, and repairing the roof. However, there are other projects you should be adding to your home improvement list. Read More 

Make These Decisions When You Buy a Cascading Chandelier

24 February 2022
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A modern lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling of your home can not only brighten the space around it, but can also tie in well with the modern furniture and decor that you have in the surrounding area. If you wish to buy this type of fixture, you'll want to visit a lighting store that carries a wide selection of modern products. One modern lighting fixture that you'll often find is a cascading chandelier, which gets its name from how it flows vertically from the ceiling. Read More