A Guide To Attic Air Sealing

30 November 2017
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To be certain that you are able to keep your home in great shape, it's important that you start from the top down. The roof that you have over your head, and the attic found beneath that, both play a huge role in your home protection. Your attic helps to protect you from leaks and also protects the thermal quality inside of your household. With this in mind, make sure that you read below to learn more about attic insulation air sealing: Read More 

Tips For Maintaining Upholstered Furniture

23 October 2017
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Upholstery is a common feature for many different types of furniture. However, individuals will frequently neglect to adequately maintain their furniture with upholstery, and while it may be possible to replace worn out upholstery, this can be fairly expensive. Therefore, reviewing the basic steps for caring for upholstered furniture can be a worthwhile investment of your time and energy. Keep A Repair Kit Available That Matches Your Upholstery It is a reality that your upholstery is likely to encounter minor tears and rips over time. Read More 

3 Self-Storage Tips

22 September 2017
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Many people accumulate a lot of belongings over the course of their lifetime. While some of these items might not be used on a daily basis, they are important and shouldn't be discarded. Downsizing into a smaller home can leave you without storage space for excess items. Luckily, renting a storage unit can provide you with a viable solution to your storage needs. Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your belongings remain safe and sound while in storage in the future. Read More 

Three Mistakes That Can Lead To A Mold Problem

29 August 2017
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No one wants a mold problem in their home; but, a problem often surfaces because of mistakes made by the homeowner. Small oversights can eventually lead to major moisture problems and mold. Knowing what the mistakes are empowers you to avoid them so you can keep mold out of your home. Mistake #1: Not installing proper ventilation A major mistake that plagues many homes is bad ventilation. This is especially true in rooms that happen to experience the most moisture: the bathroom and the kitchen. Read More 

A Few Pest Control Supplies To Have On Hand

27 July 2017
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 There is nothing quite like walking into a room and finding that you have a pest problem. It does not matter whether the pests are insects or rodents, a pest problem can take away your peace of mind. There are a number of actions that you can take that will help you get rid of the pest problem. There are also a few different supplies that you can have on hand that can help. Read More