Make These Decisions When You Buy a Cascading Chandelier

24 February 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


A modern lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling of your home can not only brighten the space around it, but can also tie in well with the modern furniture and decor that you have in the surrounding area. If you wish to buy this type of fixture, you'll want to visit a lighting store that carries a wide selection of modern products. One modern lighting fixture that you'll often find is a cascading chandelier, which gets its name from how it flows vertically from the ceiling. There are lots of different cascading chandeliers on the market, and you'll need to make these decisions as you evaluate your options.

Overall Length

Cascading chandeliers have a vertical shape, but the overall length can vary from product to product. It's important to think about where you'll be mounting this modern light fixture before you choose which product to buy. For example, if you want it to hang over your dining table, you'll want a cascading chandelier that is relatively short. Conversely, if you plan to hang it in a stairwell or another area where the ceiling is very high overhead, you can choose a longer chandelier without worrying about it hanging too low above your head.

Number Of Lights

The number of lights that appear on these chandeliers can vary considerably. Some cascading chandeliers have just a few lights, while others have several that hang at different heights. You'll want to consider how much brightness you need the fixture to offer. For example, if you'll be hanging it in a corner of a room as an accent light, you might favor a chandelier with fewer lights because there will be other light sources in the room. However, if you'll be using the fixture in an area that doesn't have any other lights, a product with a large number of lights will add the brightness that you want.


You'll see cascading chandeliers in a variety of shapes. Some will have a rectangular shape, while others will appear more like a cylinder. It can be useful to consider what shapes are in the immediate area, as this can help you to decide what shape of fixture to buy. For example, if you have a lot of straight lines in the room, you might feel as though a cylindrical cascading chandelier can be a good option to create contrast. Learn more about this type of modern lighting fixture by visiting a local lighting supplier.